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Page 1 - Software I recommend

Last Update: February 11, 2007, 1:06 AM

HTML/XHTML Editor Software I recommend:

  • Please visit the following site for documentation and support:

    This HTML editor is a blessing to the average website administrator & its all-so free. Microsoft front page is an dreadful beast of a html editor. I dont recommend front page. The Dream Weaver MX editor I dont really have an opinion on It has uses.

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    Image Software I recommend:

  • The GNU Image Manipulation Program Version 2.2
  • This program is tremendously useful for graphic art & editing website images. Its open source and users of Linux can all-so use this Multi Platform Image manipulation program. Best of all its freeware.

    Web Resources: - Gimp Home Page. - automated plug-ins.

    The latest version of The GIMP can be found at & You can also use the web interface at

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    Rapid-Q by William Yu (c)1999-2000

    For documentation or example programs, please visit the Rapid-Q official homepage at:

    It makes interesting windows XP applications. And its free to the public.Rapid-Q is a Windows programming language, a BASIC programming language to be precise. It is multiplatform, although not completely compatible in terms of the graphical interface, but the underlying language is more or less compatible between platforms. Rapid-Q is available for Windows, Linux, and Unix (Solaris and HP-UX are supported). You can use Rapid-Q to create both GUI and CONSOLE applications, including CGI applications. Rapid-Q generates byte-code as opposed to the native opcode of your processor. This requires an interpreter to read and execute the byte-codes, however, this interpreter is embedded in all your applications, so no extra files are necessary when you distribute your executable. The biggest issue is speed, but depending on what you're using Rapid-Q for, this may not be a factor. Rapid-Q was originally created to provide a free implementation of a BASIC programming language for Windows.

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